Balloon Bling It

Dance Floor Treatments

The dance floor can be the center of attention, or a blank space that no one notices.  Let us help you make the most of your space by adding a little bling to your dance floor.

Dreamy Fantasy dance floor with arches and streamers

Dreamy Fantasy dance floor with arches and streamers. This one goes the extra mile with two levels of arch, and loose balloons on the dance floor.

We can go from mild to wild with any color variation, full canopy on top, streamers hanging down, simple and solemn to bright and snazzy.  Here are some examples of dance floor treatments that can be done for your event.  You can pick and choose any bits and pieces that you like, and we will put them together to create the perfect look and feel for your big day.

Narrow, shorter columns can make the best use of limited space and give the appearance of a much larger room.

simple, elegant, and awesome

simple, elegant, and awesome

Clear balloons with lights really make a powerful statement.

Perfect for a low ceiling

Perfect for a low ceiling


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  • Tiffany: how could i make the DCS03919 archway thing? trying to make for a baby shower... what do I need?
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