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Bright jewel tone 16 inch bouquet

Bright jewel tone 16 inch bouquet

While 11 inch balloons are magical, 16 inch balloons are breathtaking.  If you want to make an impression, let someone know how you feel, or make an impact, this arrangement fits the bill.  From as few as 5 balloons up to  as many as you can imagine, we can create just the right bouquet for any occasion.

Balloon in a balloon bouquet

Balloon in a balloon bouquet

This pastel balloon-in-balloon bouquet  can also be done with bright jewel tones, black and white, or any favorite color combination you may need.  There are many more designs available, not pictured yet.


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  • Tiffany: how could i make the DCS03919 archway thing? trying to make for a baby shower... what do I need?
  • Tropang: cake smash and she got some awesome phtoos of Tyler and Lia (sans cake) too! She posted them on her blog, in case you want to check them out. (You tot
  • Sandy Velasco: sorry the word is could not good.


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